My Equil Smartpen isn’t charging in the charging cradle.

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2014 12:26PM PST
If your Equil Smartpen’s LED display does not light up when the pen and receiver are sitting in the charging cradle, please try the following:

1.       Make sure your cradle is plugged into a USB port directly on your computer––not a USB hub.
2.       Make sure your computer is turned on or Equil Smartpen will not charge.
3.       When you dock your Equil Smartpen by placing the pen and receiver in the cradle, make sure you insert the hardware correctly. The receiver needs to lock firmly into place, and the pen needs to sit horizontally in its slot (insert the pen’s tip end first, before pressing the pen into place). The LED display should light up.
If your Equil Smartpen’s LED display still does not illuminate, the USB port you selected may not provide power.
1.       If there is a problem with the USB port, try plugging the charging cradle into another free USB port on your computer.
2.       If the display lights up after switching USB ports, leave the pen and receiver in the charging cradle for approximately two hours for a full charge.
If your Equil Smartpen still won’t charge while docked, try cleaning the contacts on the cradle and Equil hardware.
To clean the contacts:
1.       Take an eraser and rub the end on a blank area of paper to make sure the eraser is completely clean.
2.       Without applying downward pressure that might bend the contacts, gently rub backwards and forwards on the surface of the metal contacts the cradle uses to connect with the receiver.
3.       Rub the eraser on a blank area of paper to clean it again.
4.       To clean the pen’s contacts, in a circular pattern, gently rub the metal contacts the pen uses to connect with the cradle. 

If you have never been able to charge Equil Smartpen––or have an issue with charging now (when it worked fine in the past)––please contact us at
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