What are the factors that affect the accuracy of my notes?

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2014 12:32PM PST
The main factors that can affect the accuracy of Equil Smartpen are the line of sight between the pen sensors (located on the tip of the pen) and the receiver, the stroke speed, the position of the receiver, ultrasonic noise, and other "white" noise at certain frequencies.

Make sure that the receiver is properly attached to your paper. For best results, insert more than one piece of paper into the receiver clip to prevent accidental movement of the receiver.

Equil Smartpen may not work properly if your receiver encounters interference or is blocked. You will want to remove anything that may be obstructing the receiver. Make sure that you hold the pen without covering the pen signal area.

Your pen communicates to the receiver through infrared and ultrasonic signals. Sometimes external noises or lights, such as those emitting from a nearby motion detector, can interfere with that signal.
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