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Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017 10:09AM PDT
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Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32bit ,64bit), Windows 8 (32bit, 64bit), Windows 10 (32bit, 64bit)
Release History
2017/6/23 Update 3.4.3
  • Fixed private server bug

2017/3/31 Update 3.4.2
  • Fixed evernote, onenote issue
2017/3/12 Update 3.4.1
  • Apply SSL

2017/2/5 Update 3.3.15
  • Improve stability
2017/1/3 Update 3.3.10
  • Bug Fix (Eraser bug fix)
  • Improve stability
2016/12/14 Update 3.3.8
  • Bug Fix (Crash, Smart Pen hovering)
2016/12/1 Update 3.3.6
  • Bug Fix (Shadow remains when drawing rectangle,Calibration issue )
  • Make edit circle bigger
2016/11/16 Update 3.3.4
  • Bug Fix (Streaming Data missing when window closing)
2016/9/30 Update 3.3.3
  • Bug Fix (Smart Marker Memory Importing)
2016/8/3 Update 3.3.2
  • Support Individual assignment of eBeam Scrapbook
  • Support SmartPen2 Dongle
  • Add Option for uploading streaming data

2016/5/18 Update 3.3.1
  • Stream with eBeam Scrapbook
  • Add Shape feature
  • Improve Connectivity of private server
  • Bug Fix (Smart Pen Drawing)
2016/5/11 Update 3.2.38
  • Add Shape feature
  • Improve Connectivity of private server

2016/4/25 Update 3.2.36
  • Bug Fix 
    - Crash during Hand Writing recognition
    - Crash during Joining streaming
    - Improve Stability
  • Name Change: Imports --> Equil Memory
  • Apply Multi Select Treeview and scrollbar

2016/3/30 Update 3.2.30
  • Bug Fix 
    Dpi issue soloved.
    - Zoom bug Fixed.

2016/3/25 Update 3.2.27
  • Default Paper view --> Fit Width
  • Bug Fix 
    SmartPen sleep mode message

2016/3/18 Update 3.2.26
  • Bug Fix 
    SmartPen sleep mode message
    - Invoke Outlook 

2016/3/11 Update 3.2.24
  • Improve bluetooth connectivity.
  • Bug Fix 
    - creating collection while stream.
    - stream invitation
2016/3/2 Update 3.2.22
  • Improve network connectivity during Stream.
  • Fix bug about importing document File orientation

2016/2/28 Update 3.2.21
  • Fix Bug not to show Eraser Cursor when smart pen is connected 
  • Default size of brush get thinner (3 -->2)
  • Default pen type for SmartPen is changed to Pen from Brush.

2016/2/17 Update 3.2.19
  • Enhance messaging about connection
  • Add Alignment of Text for Streaming

2016/2/12 Update 3.2.18
  • Enhance messaging about connection
  • Import Bug Fixed.
  • Add Alignment of Text

2016/1/28 Update 3.2.17
  • Private Server
  • Support Smart Marker Dongle and Smart Pen Dongle
  • Improve performance and Bug Fixed

2015/12/11 Update 3.2.15
  • Add Arabic writing recognition engine
  • Update streaming
    • Increase speed when stream restarts.
    • Unable to edit streaming book when streaming is not connected.
    • No creation of double streaming book
  •  Revised Russian
  • Keep from going to sleep mode when app is launched.

2015/11/9 Update 3.2.14
  • Bug Fix( participants move page) 

2015/10/23 Update 3.2.13
  • Update French tutorial
  • Bug Fix( about small eraser)

2015/10/19 Update 3.2.12
  • Solve the conflict between pen and mouse
  • Add tutorial about eraser cap
  • Show all participants when stream is over
  • Bug Fix( about volume)

2015/10/6 Update 3.2.11
  • Allow owner to change board size  during streaming
  • Allow owner and participants to print and export during streaming
  • Allow to change name of note stream collection
  • Show progress rate of downloading the first stream data
  • Enhance performance of opening collection
  • Bug Fix. (about print)

2015/9/7 Update 3.2.10
  • Enhance Eraser performance and accuracy
  • Allow invited participants to receive stream data even when owner left
  • Support Arabic Language

2015/8/21 Update 3.2.9
  • Enable zooming anytime
  • Enable Proxy domain
  • Firmware version 6 updated.(support USB connection)
  • Bug Fix. (about note stream,calibration)

2015/8/4 Update 3.2.7
  • Proxy setting
  • mouse drawing when pen is connected
  • keep calibration as default
  •  be able to change board size without new page
  • improve BT connectivity .
  • Add introduction and tutorial .
  •  Able to default thickness of pen when Smartmarker is on

2015/6/26 Update 3.2.5
  • Enable zooming while Note Stream is running.
  • Save data automatically according to intervals specified in options.
  • Bug Fix.

2015/6/12 Update 3.2.4
  • Bluetooth connection stability improved
  • Full screen feature added newly.
  • Bug Fix.

2015/5/26 Update 3.2.3
  • Bluetooth connection stability improved
  • Collect final connected Equil Device automatically when app is launched.
  • Bug Fix.

2015/5/11 Update 3.2.2
  • Collection is uploaded to Dropbox as pdf format, when syncing.
  • Collect final connected Equil Device automatically when app is launched.
  • Bug Fix.

2015/4/30 Update 3.2.1
  • Dropbox bug fix
  • Auto-fill default collection name when collection is created.
2015/4/20 Update 3.2.0
  • Microsoft Onenote Integration
  • Enable to update Smart Marker Firmware directly.
2015/4/10 Update 3.1.8
  • DPI bug Fixed
  • dropbox bug fixed
  • exporting to evernote resolution improved
  • make stream possible in China

2015/3/20 Update 3.1.5
  • Bug Fixed

2015/3/17 Update 3.1.1
  • Improve performance.
  • Improve Stability.
  • XP Bug fixed.
  • Import bug fixed

2015/2/27 Update 3.0.9
  • Eraser bugs during stream fixed.
  • Smart pen sensor position can be changed.
  • Open book performance improved.

2015/2/27 Update 3.0.8
  • Message windows size Bug Fixed.
  • Textbox bug fixed.
  • Exporting pdf with landscape direction bug fixed.
  • Landscape print bug fixed.

2015/1/27 Update 3.0.5
Bug Fixed

2015/1/20 Update 3.0.0

● Stream your ideas--either on paper or from a whiteboard--during a live session: Invite participants to your Note Stream via email or a text message––or join another party’s Note Stream.
● The newly-designed Home screen provides better navigation: You’ll have faster access to your existing collections and imported notes. In addition, the Home screen now includes a quick link to your Note Stream content. Plus, it only takes one tap to create a new note or collection, and initiate or join a Note Stream.
● You now have more ways to erase: You’ll find a small and a large eraser, along with the existing stroke eraser.   
● Landscape mode is now available in custom page size options.
● Expanded settings covers Equil Smartpen and Equil Smartmarker separately. You can customize paper and whiteboard sizes, import preferences, file format and export quality (when sharing), and more.
● Updated Welcome Tutorial and guided setup instructions will help you get your Equil Smartpen and Equil Smartmarker connected faster. 
● New Equil Note User Guide offers step-by-step instructions on setting up your Equil Hardware, getting started, handwriting recognition, saving to memory, and more.
● Refreshed user interface includes new icons and background.
● Bug fixes and performance improvements.

2014/11/7 Update 2.0.4
Equil smart pen Bug Fixed

Release History
2014/10/15 Update 2.0.3
Bug Fixed

2014/9/25 Update 2.0.2
Bug Fixed

2014/9/8   Updated  2.0.0
Equil Note 2.0 has a brand new look and great new features!

• Convert your handwriting to text with our new Handwriting Recognition feature, available in 11 languages, through in-app purchase or by connecting the brand new Equil Smartpen 2! Make your writing more readable, send text in an email, or turn your writing into a title or tag for the note. 
• Select specific words or illustrations more precisely with the new lasso tool, making it easier to manipulate colors and convert writing to text.
• Email a selection of a note to share what’s important without having to erase what’s not.
• Your notes look even more realistic! Choose your paper size, and your writing on your digital note matches how it looks on paper.
• Introducing Collections, where you can organize notes of all shapes and sizes. Existing notebooks will be converted into collections automatically.
• Share or export an entire collection of notes as a PDF.
• Check your connection status and jump between collections, search, settings, and help more efficiently with the new side navigation menu.
• Equil Smartpen 2 support includes new features to manage imports from your receiver’s memory
• New app icon
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

2014/6/4   Updated  1.1.2
bug fixes

2014/5/25   Updated  1.1.1
bug fixes

2014/4/7   Updated  1.1.0
1.     Evernote Integration
   A.     With Evernote account in each laptop,  you can sent only image or image with data.
   B.      After transmit to data, you can open it from Evernote to Equil note.
   C.      Go to Setting>Account> Evernote. You can set up the laptop and the account where you  want to transmit

2.     Synchronizing and Changing menu
   A.      The checkbox to select the laptop in the Dropbox is removed and move to Setting>Account>Dropbox.
   B.      Synchrnoizing service and account management function have been moved to Setting Menu.

2014/3/24 Release 1.0.2

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